Learn what Shirley stands for, and why she is running to fight for New Jersey!

As an immigrant, successful business owner, proud mother, grandmother and wife, Shirley has faced many of the issues that affect our daily lives. She also remembers the America she fell in love with and knows the path to restoration. Her concern for her grandkids’ futures prompted her to run for office and take her fight to Congress. Shirley brings integrity, a fresh image, and can-do spirit that will enable her to act on behalf of her constituents and restore faith in their representatives in Washington D.C. Our concerns will be her motivation.  

Reclaim the American Dream

Shirley is a firm believer in the American dream. Reclaiming that dream for our grandchildren is why she’s running for Congress. The policies that enable the American dream are lower taxes, fewer regulations, and investments in our workforce. These create an environment of freedom for entrepreneurship and businesses. New Jerseyans are struggling under the weight of the highest business tax rate and highest income tax rate in the country, and as a result, our grandchildren are leaving to build their futures elsewhere. Shirley loves the state of New Jersey, and says “it gave me everything and allowed me to achieve my American dream.” She will fight against tax increases and support policies that lower rather than increase the burden of taxes, inflation, and rising costs on New Jersey families.

Empower Parents

Shirley believes children belong to parents and families, not the government. “The government is not our co-parent,” Shirley often says. She’s heartbroken to see how the government continues to interfere in the decisions of parents from teaching non-academic deeply personal topics in the classroom without parental knowledge to pushing life-altering gender transitions for minors without parental consent. As a mother of three and grandmother of six, Shirley will support the right of parents to direct their children’s health, education, and life. Parents have a God-given responsibility to raise their children. Families should be empowered to educate their children and parents are best equipped to teach moral decision-making in the home. “Empower the family and the parents, and we will have our society back.”

Elevate Education

The next generation will lead our country, run our businesses, care for our health, entertain us, and invent our technology. How is our education system preparing them for life? It is failing badly – even in top-ranked New Jersey. Shirley believes a successful education policy will do three things: 1) Refocus on academic basics and get controversial topics out of the classroom so students can focus on acquiring the tools they’ll need for the future, 2) Offer education options to students outside of the public system so that every student can thrive in the right educational environment, and 3) Empower parents and families to make education decisions. 

Repair our Immigration System

As an immigrant and an immigration consultant, Shirley has a front-row seat to America’s broken immigration system and how it is hurting everyone involved. Shirley legally immigrated to the United States from Brazil in the early 1990’s. She’s a strong believer in legal immigration and the benefits, work ethic, and love of America immigrants bring to our country. But today, illegal immigration is costing both the Federal and local governments millions, draining resources, and fueling trafficking, crime, and the flow of fentanyl over the southern border. She believes it is important to acknowledge the wrong done. “It’s like you entered my home without asking permission.” She opposes an open border, catch-and-release, and forcing Americans to foot the bill for the resulting health care, shelter, schooling, and law enforcement. She also believes it’s time to stop the rhetoric and start solving the problem. Shirley will introduce and support solutions that provide avenues for immigrants to come legally, pay taxes, and contribute, and paths to restoration for those who’ve been self-sufficient and proven their contribution to their community over time

Address Crime

New Jersey is feeling the crime wave and feel less safe in their neighborhoods. As the wife of a retired law enforcement and corrections officer, Shirley is grateful for law enforcement and the daily sacrifices they make. We must be vigilant to defend and support our law enforcement and stay tough on crime. Shirley is focused on a two-fold approach of cracking down on crime while rehabilitating minor offenders quickly so we aren’t growing better criminals in our taxpayer-funded prisons.

Prioritize American Interests

As your Congresswoman, Shirley will always put America’s interests at home first. When it comes to foreign policy, Shirley believes in committing American resources after American needs have been met. “Take care of your own house first,” Shirley says. This mindset will guide her decisions when it comes to America’s engagement in conflicts abroad. And as the grandmother of a Marine, she takes personally the sacrifice of sending our men and women in uniform into harm’s way.